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Emmy Marshall is a self- taught abstract painter from Atlanta, GA. At the age of six his father asked him what he wanted to be while leaving Toys R Us and he quickly responded that he wanted to be an “artist”.


Emmy’s creative process is organic and spontaneous. He uses unconventional tools to paint with. What emerges is an integral language that is both emotional and personal. The unique human experience of color is what inspires him as an artist.


The need to express himself without words and knowing that creativity is a never-ending journey inspires him to produce more material. Emmy enjoys the freedom of creating abstract. Emmy states “I have infinite possibilities, there are no rules I simply make my own”. He is interested in self-love, building relationships, peace and growth. Emmy has connected his faith in God, creativity and self-discovery to deliver what he calls his ministry.


Last year Emmy had his largest solo exhibition "Obsession" at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center. In March 2022 Emmy had an episode on Shaquille O'Neal's show "The Game Plan" which featured six entrepreneurs and focused on a plan to boost their business. Emmy has a goal of having artwork in all 50 states. He recently finished his first mural at AMLI Arts Center and partnered with ELO vegan lip care line for an artist collection that launched in June 2022.

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