For some, art is just a statement piece placed in the foyer of someone's home or simply sculptures and pictures that fill museums, but artist Emmious "Emmy" Marshall considers it so much more.


Emmy is an abstract painter from Atlanta, Ga. his creative process is organic and spontaneous. He uses unconventional tools to paint his artwork. Examples includes thread, shoes, table mats & the list goes on. What emerges is an integral language that is both emotional & personal. The unique human experience of cool is what inspires him as an artist. The need to express himself without  words & knowing that inspiration is a never-ending journey inspires him to produce more material.


He enjoys the freedom of creating contemporary abstract art. He has infinite possibilities, there are no rules he simply makes his own. "My job as an artist is to unite the people". Art is open to interpret and that's what is beautiful. Abstract art takes time to absorb. He fully embraces it. As an artist, he must tell his story. His intent is to inspire & create art that evokes feelings of joy, freedom, & great peace.

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